Our Evolution from 1989 to Today

In 1989, against the backdrop of Australia's evolving telecom sector, CCTS stepped onto the scene on the Central Coast, NSW. We didn't just offer telecommunication services; we set a standard. Our client base grew, spanning sectors from local government to healthcare. And we're not stopping. We remain dedicated to the Central Coast and are poised to embrace the next wave of technological advancements.


A New Era of Leadership

2021 was pivotal for CCTS. Under the leadership of Robert O'Donoghue, with tech experience dating back to 2004, CCTS began charting new horizons. Robert, having worked across Sydney, the Central Coast, and Ireland, introduced fresh insights. Our goal remains clear: drive continuous innovation and deepen our connection with the Central Coast.


Your Ultimate Tech Partner

Today, CCTS stands strong as a beacon in the NSW Central Coast's tech landscape. We offer a wide range of services tailored to match varied business needs. Our approach is simple: equip businesses with the right tech tools for success. Looking ahead, we aim to expand our offerings, stay updated with technological trends, and reinforce our commitment to the Central Coast community.


The CCTS Experience

Get Up Close and Personal

Crafting Tomorrow's Tech Today

Innovation & Excellence

We're not just following tech trends; we're setting them. Excellence isn't an aim but our standard. Expect uniquely crafted solutions for your unique business needs.

Because Together, We Thrive

Community First

Community isn’t just a term for us; it’s our pulse. Deeply rooted in the Central Coast, we champion local causes and pride ourselves in being active, giving community members.

Partnerships That Power Progress

Stronger Together

At CCTS, we believe in the power of collaboration. As proud 3CX Platinum Partners, we merge our expertise with industry-leading knowledge, delivering top-notch telecom solutions.

Innovating Responsibly

Eco-Friendly Tech

Being tech enthusiasts doesn't mean neglecting our planet. CCTS is committed to sustainable practices, ensuring we tread lightly while leading in innovation.



The Dream Team

Industry Partners

Introducing our tech allies! We've joined forces with industry frontrunners to deliver cutting-edge technology innovations that supercharge your business. Dive into our robust network and discover powerhouse collaborators.